On-Line Retailer Package Pricing

The table below describes the standard charges for the On-Line Retailer Website Package. Contact Michael Kennon at Parnassus Creative for your individual price quote and to discuss the details of your package.

The On-Line Retailer Website Package from Parnassus Creative includes all of the features described on this demonstration site. We will work with you to gather the information needed for each feature that you select to have on your website and depending upon the complexity of your configuration your website could be on-line within just a few hours.

  Item # Item First Year Annual Renewals   
 1 .com domain name registration  $11.95  $11.95
 2 12 months for website hosting  $60.00  $60.00
 3 Optional SSL Certificate and Secure Hosting  $15.00  $15.00
 4 Installation of the Word Press platform site & email accounts on Website Cooperative  $128.05  $0.00
 5 Installation and configuration of WooCommerce WordPress Plugin and WooCommerce Mystile WordPress Theme  $50.00  $0.00
 6 Access to Client Help website, training documents & videos  $0.00  $0.00
   Total Package Price without SSL Certificate   $250.00  $71.95
   Total Package Price with SSL Certificate   $265.00  $86.95